...Revolutionary technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D


Poikos was founded on a belief: A bold new wave of personalization is coming. It will change forever how we order goods, conduct e-commerce, and even manage our healthcare. 


In the 21st century, we have become accustomed to digitizing our music, our books and letters - even our social connections. Why not the body?  We understood the possibilities of a personalized world, if this were achievable in a simple way.

We set out on a mission to solve this problem forever.

What We Created

  • A way to get full 3D data and 100+ measurements in seconds, by enabling a customer to measure themselves, in the convenience and privacy of their own home, without special hardware.
  • Customisable, brandable interfaces that can be easily integrated into a website or iOS app.
  • An engine within which to display and animate the scanned person in full color, which can even show how that person has changed over time.
  • An easy way to export the 3D data or measurements directly into a configurator, visualisation, or manufacturing suite, including matching to specific grades of patterns or sizes.


We make it easy for any producer of custom goods and services, such as an online tailor, to enable their customers to take easy, simple, 3D measurements at home.

  • No more asking customers to measure themselves, or expensive visits.
  • Save time and money by enabling customers to scan themselves at home, in less than a minute, on any device
  • Increase your reach to anyone in the world, a global market
  • Reduce expensive returns and alterations; get it perfect the first time
  • Increase customer confidence, loyalty, and satisfaction

Want further details? Why not check out our FAQ.

Congratulations, your product shows what Singularity University has been talking about: exponential thinking and an abundant future through technology.

This kind of innovation is the present and future of a better world for everybody.
— David Pinto Ribot, Ribot Invest Co.