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Thank You!

On behalf of everyone in our international team, let me say a massive THANK YOU for the terrific response that we’ve received It’s great to have so many people from across the world backing our business and technology strategy.

The menu on the left gives you an insight into our tech, and just some of the other applications we envisage for the Poikos technology.

Eleanor Watson – looking into 2013 and beyond. The Poikos Inclusive Strategy

Everyone wants our technology

We’ve taken the advice from Steve Blank, who keynoted at Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam back in July 2012. We have left the building!  Since then we’ve been out meeting customers, developers and investors, building partnerships with many organisations who  understand what we’re doing and want to work with us. We’d also like to thank the congresses that have given us the stage in the last few months. We’ve been humbled by the awards and attention our technology has gathered. It  makes us even more determined to succeed.

Our Technology Scales

Our technical infrastructure can easily serve thousands of end-users at once . We have code and APIs to deliver our 3D body measurement service on the device of your choice, with customisation and branding chosen by you. Don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch and let’s show you what we’ve developed. We’re busy tweaking complex algorithms so our technology is even more robust on the simplest consumer devices.



FYI: Our API has been released here. Here’s what measurements we currently provide.

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