...Revolutionary technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D


Poikos was founded on a belief: A bold new wave of personalization is coming. It will change forever how we order goods, conduct e-commerce, and even manage our healthcare. 


In the 21st century, we have become accustomed to digitizing our music, our books and letters - even our social connections. Why not the body?  We understood the possibilities of a personalized world, if this were achievable in a simple way. However, it needed to be very simple, cheap, and accessible to everyone.

To enable a universal 'de-materialization' of the body-scanning process, Poikos has developed unique proprietary technology that enables full 3D body measurement without special hardware.

Poikos empowers anyone to obtain a 3D scan with 100+ accurate measurements, using only the onboard camera in their smartphone, tablet or PC. Specialised 3D hardware can also be used, future-proofing the system, and making it truly universal.

What We Have Created

  • A way to get full 3D data and 100+ measurements in seconds, by enabling a anyone to measure themselves, at their convenience and with full privacy, without any special hardware.
  • An engine within which to display and animate the scanned person in full color, which can show how that person has changed over time, and predict the future of that individual's body.
  • A safe way to store your data on your personal device, or optionally on a secure cloud. Ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of sensitive data is our first priority.
  • A simple way to share an overall description of your data with a 3rd party (only if you choose), but without sharing everything, only what's strictly needed for that purpose.


We hope that you will choose to use your Poikos scan to enjoy a range of powerful personalized services.

However, your data is always kept private to you, and is only ever shared with any 3rd party if you agree.

Poikos performs analytics on your 3D body data, which aggregates the data to create ways of expressing the meaning behind your data, without sharing the data itself (for example, a waist size, but not necessarily a waist measurement). This means that only data which is specifically needed for a particular purpose is shared.

This data powers personalized services in health, mass customization, retail, and more. Poikos charges 3rd-party users who can benefit when you expressly choose to share your data with them, for example a gym, or a custom-fit clothing company.

Want further details? Why not check out our FAQ.

Congratulations, your product shows what Singularity University has been talking about: exponential thinking and an abundant future through technology.

This kind of innovation is the present and future of a better world for everybody.
— David Pinto Ribot, Ribot Invest Co.