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As you may know, Poikos technology has not yet been generally released to market.

We have chosen to initially work with only a small number of companies. This is because more than just clients, we need co-development partners who can advise us on their needs and objectives, and provide quality feedback as we polish the product for release.

When someone is known for being wildly devoted to a cause or idea, they’re called a firebrand . A firebrand enjoys pushing buttons and stirring up passions.
— Vocabulary.com


We have a special offer for particular businesses that we feel can really help to demonstrate the power of Poikos technology. We call this The Firebrand Deal.


We're making this offer, because we believe passionately in the value that we can create for businesses that leverage our technology. We created it to enable the mass customisation sector to flourish, to enable one-offs for everyone, to celebrate our uniqueness; a revolution in how we experience our daily lives.

However, we need to work closely with such companies, like yours, to ensure that we provide the service that you need. By coming onboard early, you get to play a special role in telling us your needs directly. That's why we are prepared to be generous.


The Firebrand Deal

A one-off fee to get early access, and then free forever? Yes!

€5000 is your ticket to a new business model:

  • Embed Poikos technology in a single website and/or single iOS app
  • Includes standard body measurements (100+ different kinds) , internal volumes, and 3D data with optional textures
  • Access to the API, along with customisable interfaces in Flash, HTML5 and iOS. Easy to install.


  • Integration within a platform that you resell to others is not included
  • Further tools, measurements, interfaces beyond those mentioned above may or may not be included in this package

If you wish to integrate Poikos tech within a platform, we may still be able to work together, but in a slightly different structure. Please tell us your specific objectives.


Why now, and not later?

The anticipated prices on commercial release are as follows:

  • €200 per month for full measurements
  • €500 per month for a 3D mesh with color texture
  • Plus minimum monthly service charges

Support Poikos now, get a great deal, and have your say in our final push to market.

Ready to revolutionise how you do business? Get in contact.