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Fast Body Measurements On Any Devic

We’ve created a platform that’s so powerfully accurate and robust, it can even see inside clothing!

Our Mantra

  • We stand for changing the world through technological convergence.
  • We stand for an exciting future for all when many medical and consumer services are 1% of the current  cost.
  • We stand for creating infrastructure which can scale massively, ready for  multi-billion Euro markets.
  • And damn we’re resourceful!

Measurable Milestones

We developed the core technology for Poikos from scratch in 2011.

We spent 2012 developing key connections and alliances (sharpening the axe), which has enabled  lightening speed progress since.

Our founder Eleanor Watson, had been working to create a system for the mass customization of apparel, thereby enabling bespoke clothing for the masses. She realised that the key issue was the difficulty in taking objective measurements of people cheaply, efficiently  and fast.

Her background in Computer Science and graphics came in very useful when she decided to  set up a research project . Was it  was possible to combine common consumer-grade hardware with extremely advanced software algorithms, using a wholly-original technical approach?  Turns out, it was.

Half a year later, a nugget of something which would eventually develop into FlixFit was found. She devoted everything she had to  putting the idea into reality. A team was raised, along with funding. With a singular purpose, furious energies were channelled into research. The objectives were to expand the team, acquire patents and continue to develop the tech in-house. At the same time, we went out into the market for the reality check.

Since being selected and following the StartupBootcamp Amsterdam accelerator, the team has moved forward incredibly quickly, with technological and market developments surging due to the world-class mentoring which we have received.